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Fun Ideas: "Making a Family Activity Calendar"
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Family Activity Calendar
Making a
Family Activity Calendar

by Wes Fessler

9 March 2009

"Making a Family Activity Calendar"

Making a Family Activity Calendar

When life is moving so quickly that you don’t even realize that your family is not having any fun, it is time to make a Family Activity Calendar. Families usually have a variety of exciting ideas buzzing around in their heads and the best intentions to carry them out, but somehow many of the fun times get lost in the daily shuffle of life. An annual Family Activity Calendar is just the trick to get exciting ideas for activities planned and scheduled so families can put their activity ideas into action.

A Family Activity Calendar is, by design, simple and easy to make and use. The simplicity of the calendar is what makes it practical and pleasurable for everyone in the family to make use of, so they can do the things that they previously only wished they could do. It is as easy as picking out ideas and finding time for them that fits on the calendar.

How to Make the Activity Calendar

Step 1: Find a Suitable Calendar
The Family Activity Calendar is simply a calendar you keep in a central location in your home that everyone in the family can see at any time. Any annual calendar is suitable for the job. It can be a calendar that you already have, or you can print a free calendar that you find on the web. It is not our intention to re-invent the calendar, but to help you to find a meaningful way to find and plan activities for the year. If you have an annual calendar you are ready to take the next step.

Step 2: Gather Ideas for Fun Family Activities
We have gathered ideas to get you started with your Family Activity Calendar. We have arranged our ideas in two separate articles that can be viewed and printed to help you get a start with activities you would like to do as a family. The first article is called “100 Fun Family Activities.” It lists a variety of great activities for families. The second article is called “Fun, Free, and Frugal Family Activities.” This article lists mainly articles that can be done for free or for very little money. Choose one or both articles to find activities that your family will do. Print the pages of the articles to help you in gathering your collection of fun things to do.

As a second part of gathering ideas, you should add your own ideas for activities to the list. Take a blank piece of paper and write down all of the fun ideas you have for your family which were not on our lists.

Between the ideas that we have provided in our articles, and the ideas your family comes up with, there should be plenty of fun things to add to your agenda.

Step 3: Narrow Down the Ideas
Unless you have time to do every activity that you have in your pile of lists, you will likely want to narrow down the list to activities that you are certain you will want to do in the year. Use a highlighter and go through your pages of ideas marking the best ideas. Once you have gone through all of your printed pages and the pages of your ideas, you will have your activities narrowed down to the best ones for your family.

Step 4: Sort Out Seasonal Ideas
Some of the items in your lists can be done at any time of the year, but others can only be done during specific seasons. Sort through the list and mark the seasonal ideas with a different colored highlighter or by placing a large “X” in the column next to them. This step will help you to organize the seasonal items so they will fit into your agenda at the correct times of the year.

Step 5: Add Your Activities to the Calendar
Now you are ready to add the activities that you have selected to the calendar. Begin by placing the seasonal items into the calendar first. Choose dates that fit into your schedule and don’t interfere with other plans your family has for the dates.

Next add in the items that you highlighted first, as these items can be done at any time of the year. Try to add in your most favorite activities first so that less important activities are added last. Add in as many activities to your calendar as you can readily fulfill.

Using your Family Activity Calendar

Now your Family Activity Calendar is complete and ready for action. Hang the calendar in a location where everyone can easily see it every day. The greater the visibility and availability of the calendar the more effective it will be in helping you to enjoy the activities you desire to do. 

Refer to the calendar often. Although circumstances of the year may prevent you from doing some of the activities, try to engage in as many as you can. Add new ideas to your calendar as you think of them and as new opportunities for fun become available to your family. The Family Activity Calendar is a great tool for bringing new and exciting opportunities for fun to you and your family.

"Making a Family Activity Calendar"

Making a Family Activity Calendar

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