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Fun Ideas: "Games: Danger Dice"
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Family Fun ShopGames: Danger Dice
Invented by Wes Fessler

Article Sections

What you Need to Play
Object of the Game
How to Play


Games: Danger Dice
Invented by Wes Fessler

6 June 2007

Type of Game: Dice and Cards
Recommended Ages: 6 and Up
Players: Up to 6


Living up to its name—Danger Dice is a battle game that brings danger with every roll. Battle up to 6 players with lucky numbers and a few risky moves. Eliminate all of the defenders in your way and you can claim the kingdom for yourself.

What you need to Play:

You can usually play this game with items you already have at home. All you need are 2 six sided dice and one deck of playing cards.

Object of the Game:

The object of the Danger Dice is to be the first player to eliminate all of the defending cards of the player on your left and then claim the kingdom(represented by a joker card) by rolling a seven.

How to play:

Everything about danger dice depends on rolling of the dice.
Determine Who Goes First - First everybody will roll one die to determine who goes first. The player with the highest number will go first.
Remove the jokers from the deck.
Place one of the jokers on the center of the table
Shuffle the deck.
Build your armies – The first player will roll one die to see how many playing cards to draw from the deck (be sure the cards are shuffled before taking cards). The cards represent the players army. Each card is to be placed in front of the player face-up. The first player then hands the single die to the next player, who will then roll to see how many cards to draw. Each player follows this procedure until all of the cards are drawn from the deck and placed in front of the players. If the final die roll has a number that is higher than the amount of cards to be drawn, that player takes all of the cards that are available.
Start the battle - The first player who has no cards remaining to draw will be the first player to start the battle. This player will roll two dice. Either each individual die can be used to attack or the sum of the two dice can be used to in each attack. In other words you can have two results from the individual die or one result from the sum of two dice.
Eliminate enemy defenders - By using the results of the dice roll, determine which of the cards (if any) have the same value ( ie. if you rolled a 2 and a 6, you can use them to eliminate a 2 and a 6 card, or just an 8 card). Have the player on your left turn over the card(s) that you have eliminated with your roll. Use the combination that works to your advantage.
The first player will now hand the two dice to the next player to continue the battle. Continue this process of rolling the dice and eliminating cards(by flipping them over) until all of the cards in front of a player have been eliminated.
Eliminate the king - Kings cannot be eliminated until all number cards, aces, jacks, and queens are flipped over. At that point kings can be eliminated with any single die value or combination of 3. (for more information about numbers needed to eliminate cards see RULES.)
Take over the kingdom - When you have eliminated all of the cards of the player on your left, you are then entitled to roll the dice for the joker when it is your turn. You must roll a seven to take the joker and win the game. When you have taken the joker, you have claimed the kingdom and the game is over.


Rolling and Elimination Rules:

Aces can be eliminated at any time with a single die value of 1.

Number Cards
Cards 2 through 10 are eliminated by any roll of the number on the card or combination of that value with the dice.

Jacks can only be eliminated with a combined roll with a value of 11.

Queens can be eliminated at any time with a roll of 12.

Special Rules:

Rules for Kings and Queens
Queens must be eliminated before kings. Queens can be eliminated at any time with a roll of 12, or with a roll of 2 or 12 when only face cards remain (when all number cards have been eliminated).

Eliminating Kings
When all of the queens have been eliminated AND there are no number cards, jacks, or aces, the kings can be eliminated by any single roll value of 3. All other defending cards of the player on your left can be eliminated at any time except for kings. Kings can only be eliminated when all number cards, jacks, queens, and aces are eliminated.

When “doubles” are rolled (two dice have the same number) the player is entitled to an extra turn. That player will roll again immediately after completing the turn the doubles roll.


Danger dice is a fast paced game that is easy to learn and play. Up to six players in the family who understand numbers can play. Once your family has played Danger Dice once or twice, everybody will want another chance to take over the kingdom.  


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Danger Dice

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