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How to Prepare Pumpkin Seeds for Planting
Pumpkin Seeds for Planting

This page will show you how to prepare pumpkin seeds for planting. It is very simple to do. With less work and time than you may imagine, you can have seeds from your pumpkin ready for planting.

If you like to eat pumpkin seeds, this activity and cooking pumpkin seeds can be done at the same time.

Items Needed:

A large mixing bowl
A straining bowl or colander
Paper towels or paper napkins
A paper envelope or paper bag

1. Remove seeds from the fleshy inner portion of a pumpkin and place them into a large mixing bowl. It is a good idea to take more seeds than you will need, to assure that you have plenty when the time for planting comes. Select the largest and most uniform, healthy looking seeds you can find. Leave small or mishapen seeds out of the bowl.

2. Clean the seeds with water. Fill the remainder of your bowl of seeds with water, and scrub the seeds with your (clean) hands. Remove any residue or fleshy material from the seeds. Allow the seeds to pass between your fingers gently scrubbing them with your thumbs and fingers. Clean for several minutes or until there is no visible pumpkin material on your seeds.

3. Rinse the seeds by pouring the contents of the mixing bowl into a straining bowl or colander. Run water through the seeds and move them around gently allowing all of the seeds to be rinsed by the water. Allow any small portions of pumpkin flesh or residue to be washed out of the batch. This process should also take a few minutes with continuously running water.

4. Dry the pumpkin seeds thoroughly. Lay out some dry paper towels or napkins on a counter (these will be used to lay the seeds on when they are thoroughly dry. Use additional paper towels to dry the pumpkin seeds. Get the seeds as dry as possible. When a paper towel becomes too wet to properly dry the seeds, discard it and use another. Dryness is important for your seeds.

When you have dried each seed sufficiently, place it on the paper towel that you have laid on the counter. Arrange the seeds so that there is space between them, preventing them from making contact with one another. This space will keep your seeds from being damaged as they dry as well as keep them from adhering to one another which can cause damage when pulling them apart.

5. Allow the seeds to dry deeply. Set the seeds in a safe cool, dry place for 3 weeks to one month leaving them resting upon the paper towels or napkins that you have already placed them upon. The pumpkin seeds will need this time to dry completely which will preserve them for the planting season. Be sure to keep them in a place that will not be disturbed, exposed to moisture, or subjected to unusually high temperatures while they dry.

6. Store your seeds in a paper envelope or paper bag. Once your seeds have dried deeply for a minimum of three weeks, they are preserved and ready to be stored. Use a paper container for their immediate enclosure. A paper envelope or paper bag will work nicely for this purpose (plastic bags or containers will trap any remianing moisture within the seeds and will place them in danger of being spoiled). Mark your envelope or bag for what you are storing and the date when you stored them. Now your pumpkin seeds are ready to be planted.



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