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Short Inspirational Thoughts

by Wes Fessler

March 3, 2011
Quotes on: Consistency
Consistency is a love-hate relationship with all that produces certainty. We know we need it in abundance, but in excess, it can seem monotonous.
~Wes Fessler  

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Inspiration Builders on: Consistency

Consistency – The Ultimate Power of Consistency

Consistency is a virtue that people find reasons to both love and hate. We humans naturally tend to long for consistency, certainty, and predictability, but once we set to work on building consistency, we tend to lose sight of its worth and end up straying from our efforts.

Know the Value
Why do we find it difficult, not only to be consistent, but to want to be consistent? There is little doubt that we know that being consistent in the right kinds of endeavors can bring us positive results. When we exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep consistently, our overall health is boosted and we feel good. Doing any of these activities for a single day would make little difference in our health, but by repeating these behaviors day in and day out, we build momentum and power in our goals, and are able to reach optimal levels of health and strength.

Knowing and Doing
Most of us know that by following a set of behaviors consistently, we are able to achieve successful results in our endeavors, so what is it that stops us from being consistent? In most cases it is our own perceptions that prevent us from adhering to consistency. Although there are frequently other factors and people to cast some blame on, when we cut through blame it is our own lack of commitment that hinders our progress. We know what we should be doing, but we simply don’t do it.

Inconsistency of Consistency
There are many of people who make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, to stop smoking, or a variety of other worthy aspirations. They commonly get off to a good start with good intentions at the beginning, but as days and weeks pass by they get lazy, make excuses, or end up rationalizing that it is acceptable to be overweight, or that it is not really such a bad thing to continue smoking. They allow perceptions of inconvenience to get in the way, and it becomes more of a chore than a worthy ambition to stay consistent in working toward their goals. A conflict arises where the effort and inconvenience of the task is seen to hold greater weight than the long-term rewards of achieving success.

Giving Consistency a Chance
When it comes down to brass tacks, we just don’t give consistency a chance to do what it is designed to do. Our intentions are good and we know our goals will lead to positive things for us, but we come to see our efforts as an immediate burden, and that causes us to lose sight of the ultimate rewards. In order to give success a chance, we must also give consistency a chance. To succeed beyond the norm, we must be willing to do more than the average person who makes a feeble attempt and gives up. We have to be able to keep our eyes on the goal, and to maintain our belief and enthusiasm in the worth of our efforts consistently, so that our actions will be consistent until we attain our final objectives.

Consider the following items in your efforts to obtain consistency and success:

Components of Consistency
Self-discipline We must discipline our thoughts with determination and the desire to finish what we start.
Enthusiasm We need to see the benefit of our goals and know that what we are doing is for a good purpose…something to be excited about.
Good Habits We should consider our journeys as those of a steam train. Getting started is the hardest part. Until we get into a flow, it is like every day is a new beginning. In time, however, as we repeat our efforts, the process becomes easier and more natural. As we apply our power with consistent effort, we build momentum on the tracks and are able to move steadily, not only over level ground, but also over hills with confidence.
Internal Drive We need to know that our efforts are truly what we desire from within, and that we are not pressured by external factors to fulfill the tasks.
Balance It is important to keep our goals in line with our values and to avoid upsetting the balance of other aspects of our lives. When our efforts are in harmony with what we want and need in life, we can free ourselves from conflicts and distractions that may lure us away from our goals.
Focus on Rewards and Milestones If we can envision the benefits of our efforts and believe in the ultimate goal, we can remain dedicated to our objectives. To this end we should not leave the final goal as our only measurement of success, but we should also create milestones that mark our progress along the way. This helps us to see real progress as we attain short-term goals, and it helps us to keep our momentum as we work toward our final objectives.

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